Communication and Effective Communication Skills
The way you relate to people - and the way that people perceive you to be - will determine the results you get in your business
How you comunicate with your customers will determine your sales volume, how you communicate with your suppliers may affect your wholesale deals and how you communicate with your staff will determine your overall business performance.
Effective communication skills are paramount to the success of any business.  Think about this for a second... there are
6 billion people on the planet, we all have different experiences and different ways of thinking and acting.  Doesn't it make sense that we all communicate differently? 
Wouldn't it be beneficial to learn how to communicate more effectively with more people to ensure that our interactions are further enhanced for the benefit of all concerned?  Utilizing her skills as an NLP Master Practitioner, combined with over 15 years of small business and corporate business management experience, James of Edgnett can teach you how to achieve optimum communication with your clients, your suppliers and your staff. 
If this is an area that you believe you need to enhance, please don't hesitate to contact Edgnett and set up a time for a meeting.  We can consult with you via phone, email or face to face depending on your location.